Procedures & Fines

The City of Washington court docket is the schedule of the court. Defendants will be expected to adhere to the procedures and protocol of the court at all times, including proper attire.

All mobile devices, including phones, must be turned off. Photography and audio recordings are prohibited. 

Municipal court costs are set by the Office of Judicial Services.  

Fines, diversion fees, pay and dismiss fees, or any other fees may be assessed as part of the judicial process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I pay my municipal court citation?

Payments may be made at City of Washington City Hall, 301 C Street, PO Box 296, Washington, KS. 

You may also call and make a payment over the phone (services fees may apply).


Contact Info

Elizabeth Hiltgen
City Attorney
(785) 325-2545

Denise M. Powell
Municipal Court Clerk
(785) 325-2284