Waterline Replacement Project

The City of Washington has been researching and working toward a significant waterline replacement project, scheduled to begin with surveying, engineering and design in early 2019. 

Staff is working with North Central Regional Planning Commission, KS Rural Water Association,  US Dept. of Agriculture, Kansas Dept. of Health & Environment, and Community Development Block Grant (KS Dept. of Commerce) to seek out and secure funding sources, such as grants and/or low-interest loans, in order to minimize rate increases to the utility customers. 

This project,will have an impact on the entire community, as there will be service interruptions, alternative traffic flow during construction, etc.

One benefit of this project will include reduced water loss and interruptions as a result of water main breaks & repairs, street damage from leaks/repairs, and will reduce lost revenue due to water loss/leaks.

Fire protection services will be significantly improved due to increased flow through what are currently partially obstructed lines due to material/mineral deposits in the existing lines.

Below you will find a link to a powerpoint presentation, which was presented by our design engineer, Brian Foster, BG Consultants. 

Please take a minute to CLICK HERE and view the presentation, which includes images of our current distribution system.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact City Administrator Carl Chalfant at 785-325-2284.  He will be glad to answer any questions you may have.



The Water & Sewer Department has two employees who are dedicated to operating, servicing, and maintaining the two systems.

During non-business hours, there is one member of the department on-call at all times.

If you have a water or sewer emergency during business hours, please contact City Hall at (785) 325-2284.

If you have a water or sewer emergency outside normal business hours, please call (785) 541-1313.


You may reach the water/sewer superintendent by calling City Hall at 785-325-2284.


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