Washington City handles Electric, Water, and Sewer utilities.  Bills are received around the 25th of each month and are due by the close of business day on the tenth calendar day of each month. If the tenth calendar day of the month falls on a weekend or national holiday, the bill is due by the close of business day on the next business day immediately following the 10th calendar day

The City DOES NOT send shutoff notices on delinquent accounts. Utility accounts not paid by 9 am on the 20th day of the month will be subject to termination and applicable reconnection fees as per city ordinance.

The city has a $150 electric meter deposit, a $50 water meter deposit, and a $25 non-refundable connection fee for utility hookups. The connection fee will be assessed for each hookup, whether for new customers or in-town moves and also applies for disconnects due to nonpayment of services.

To report a street light out, notify City Hall at 785-325-2284.

Utility Payments

You can now pay your City of Washington account with debit/credit cards or electronic checks in person or online. Convenience fees will apply. Debit card payments take approximately 48 hours to process. E-CHECK PAYMENTS TAKE APPROXIMATELY 5 BUSINESS DAYS TO PROCESS.

Utility payments may also be made at City Hall in person, by mail, or you may drop them in our drop box on the north side of City Hall.

You may also pay online through your local bank if they offer that service. If you choose this method, you may want to visit with your bank to be sure to allow enough time for the payment to process and reach our office prior to the due date in order to avoid penalties.

You may also elect to have your utility bill deducted directly from your bank account monthly on the due date. If you wish to use this method, simply download the Debit Authorization Form here, complete it and bring it along with the required documentation to City Hall.

Other Services

Municipal Court Judge is the Honorable Paul Monty. Court is held at City Hall. Date and time are set by the judge.

AT&T  provides phone/internet service. Their number to connect is 1-800-464-7928.  

Phone service, as well as cable TV and internet services, are also provided by Blue Valley Telecommunications. They may be reached at (877) 876-2389.

Kansas Gas Service provides gas service. Their number is 1-800-794-4780.

All emergencies are handled through 911.

Non-emergency calls are handled through the Washington County Sheriff’s office at (785) 325-2293.

Dog and cat licenses are sold at City Hall. Owner must provide proof of rabies vaccination. Licenses are due before June 1 annually and are $10.00 per animal. If the animal is neutered or spayed, they are $5.00.  Licenses purchased on or after June 1 are subject to a $15.00 penalty.



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